Hi, I’m Alex Th√©nerd.

I went to a gym with a friend for a few weeks back in 2010, but decided I was too skinny, too frail – and the gym was full of everything opposite of that. Instead, I bought some adjustable dumbbells one day and started doing curls and push-ups in-between wasting time in Azeroth or reading online.

As I did see some results in my meager biceps and chest, I ultimately ended up joining a gym for good in early 2011. While my initial workout routine definitely oozed of broscience and straight out stupidity, I have always been a decently smart person, but more importantly, incredibly curious. My mom made sure I had internet and google access as early as possible, despite very limited funds, and that for sure fueled my unsatisfiable curiosity on just about everything.

While I had not thought of it at the time, curiosity is one of the greatest assets a person can have. And it would slowly but surely drive so many of my daily google searches away from random topics and into the world of fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition. This combination of knowledge and physical improvement through working out really created something extraordinary for me; a lifelong interest and hobby. I say lifelong because despite just being in my late 20’s, I feel confident saying that my interest in fitness, health, and nutrition will follow me to the grave.

Within a few years, I will have been attending a gym regularly for a decade. My longest hiatus so far has been 3 weeks, in which I mourned the sudden death of someone very dear to me. I have tried most things under the sun within fitness/bodybuilding. I have been a fat but strong +230 lb teddybear, and I have been a sub 9 % body-fat ripped 171 lb Skeletor-mode dude. For the last few years I have hovered around 11-12 % bodyfat, slowly but surely recomping my body composition for the better. I always strive to be heavier at a lower bodyfat.

IntelligentPhysique was created with one goal in mind; to establish a platform where I could write about everything fitness & health. More specifically, this site aims to provide interesting and thought-provoking writings, including informational pieces, guides, reviews, personal experiences and last but not least – free and helpful workout routines and nutrition guidelines. Throughout my many years of searching and acquiring knowledge within this field, I have googled a ton of weird questions, inquiries and the likes – many of them with no clear answers. I aim on attempting to also answer some of those highly specific, weird questions here on the site.

I also have a thing for unorthodox methods and theory-crafting, mixing it all up with a splash of science and random ramblings. Interests include; using fasting/variations of timed caloric restrictions, experimenting with high-frequency workout protocols, extensive macro-nutrient manipulation, researching and reviewing supplements, tools and fitness equipment. To me, nothing is set in stone before hard science has made its entry – and even then, I love to speculate and theorize. Way too much fitness lingo is mindlessly tossed around because the “big dude at the gym” said so.

I want to note that I am not a certified personal trainer, but an academic. And neither my BA nor soon-to-be M.Sc. degrees are in any way related to fitness or health. I am just an incredibly curious and by most standards very well-built nerd nearing a decade of lifting.

Please note that I am not responsible for any injuries or other issues you might encounter while attempting any routines or implementing any other advice I might give. IntelligentPhysique makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contained on this website, its emails or any sites linked to this site. Always consult a medical professional before major dietary or nutritional changes.


Striving for physical excellence, forever.

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